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“Creating global understanding through English” !

As well as being a charity, ESU is a membership organisation :

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“We will always be mindful of our vision, and that is the vision of our founders, in that we will always focus on the importance of personal development through education.Our vision is about individuals maximising their potential and coming together for that purpose, and to strengthen the bonds of common, shared humanity, across the various peoples and nations of the world,through that ‘priceless inheritance’, through the use and championing of the power of the English language…”

(The Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng, ESU Chairman)

IPSC Albania Winners

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Our Work :

The ESU brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. We work principally with young people in Albania, helping them to discover their voice and engage in dialogue through the use of English. Our beneficiaries are school children, students, teachers and other professionals for whom the ability to communicate effectively in English is a vital skill.

Lediana Kapxhiu

the winner of Albania
“Public Speaking Competition, 2017”

ENGLISH Is Like A Swiss Army Knife For the Life:

It also continues to expand throughout the globe, providing an ever increasing number of opportunities for people from different cultures to meet and earn about each others’ backgrounds, beliefs and ideas!