Official Launch of the English-Speaking Union of Albania
7 September 2009

Official Launch of the ESU Albania: Launch Celebration on Tuesday 8 September 2009.
31 delegates from nine countries travelled to support the launch of ESU Albania.
On Monday 7 September 2009, 31 overseas delegates from nine International English-Speaking Unions attended a reception at the Residence of HE Ms. Fiona McIlwham, British Ambassador to Albania to formally launch ESU Albania. These delegates joined Members of the Committee of ESU Albania as well as representatives from Albania education, government and business institutions. The launch ceremony was opened by the British Ambassador and the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Genc Pollo. Mr. Zenel Hoxha, Chairman of ESU Albania made the keynote speech on the future work and programs of ESU Albania.

The Lord Watson of Richmond CBE, Chairman Emeritus, ESU International  Council and Mr. Mike Lake CBE, ESU Director-General, who led the international delegation, and Mr. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of Albania and Honorary President of ESU Albania, made speeches on the work of the English-Speaking Union and the importance of the English language at the
Among the international programs that Albanians will be able to participate in are: the International Public Speaking Competition, which the ESU Albania Steering Committee has already sponsored an Albanian participant to speak in London in May 2009 on the subject of “Regeneration and Renewal”, the International Relations Conference to be held annually in Oxford University and the annual Globe Education Cultural Seminar for Teachers at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Head of Centre for Speech and Debate, English Speaking Union (LONDON) Mr. James Probert visited for the first time ESU – Albania from 21/02/2009 to 23/02/2000. Mr. Probert delivered training on Speech and Debates as well as on the Public Speaking Competition, where ESU Albania is participating on its first year.

Training was very much appreciated and very useful not only to students taking part in the competition, but also to ESU-Albanian team which gained experience about the competition’s activities, taking in this way a step further to a better effort for all ESU Albania.
ESU-Albania as a new member of this International Organisation has got a large vision comparing his single experience with the world experience which Mr. Probert brought in Albania.
Our staff and Mr. James attended some meetings in Tirana with High Schools Pupils where we could mention “Wilson Institute” “Çajupi” High School, Professional-technical high school “Harry Fulz” and “Memorial International School”.