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  • Chairman - English Speaking Union Albania

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The ESU Albania is a NGO founded in 2009 with the aim to help the young Albanians integrate in the international market through better use of the English language.
The Steering Committee of the ESU has unanimously elected Mr. Zenel Hoxha as Chairman of the ESU Albania for his contribution to the founding of the ESU as well as promoting the use of English language and strengthening relations between the two countries.
ESU Albania has established very good cooperation elation with many high schools and universities in Albania in supporting them in co organising events and engaging students with the latest in technology and their fields of interest.

Mr. Zenel HOXHA

[ ESU Albania Chairman ]

 Our People – English Speaking Union Albania

The ESU professional staff works from its main office for Albania just minutes from the centre of Tirana.
Led by the Chairman, the staff are responsible for the management of all aspects of the ESU’s activity, both as a charity and membership organisation.

For more information about our staff, including contact details, please click here.
Our members support our ground breaking charitable work by organising fundraising events, volunteering and through supporting local students.
As a charity, the ESU has a board of Steering Committee, who act as trustees and guide the organisation, setting the strategic objectives for the executive team.
They are all, themselves, members of the ESU, and come from a variety of backgrounds. Each lends his or her experience to the organisation, and play a vital role in the ESU’s ongoing development.

ENGLISH Is Like A Swiss Army Knife For the Life:

It also continues to expand throughout the globe, providing an ever increasing number of opportunities for people from different cultures to meet and earn about each others’ backgrounds, beliefs and ideas!